Forlorn Friday

Doctor’s appointments are like hens teeth around here. I rang yesterday afternoon to be told there were none this week (or next week) but I could come in for the emergency five minute clinic this evening if I wanted. I wanted so I put my name down. It doesn’t surprise me that people go to A&E with medical problems that are not emergencies if all surgeries are like ours.

Needless to say, I didn’t go to work today. In fact, just walking down to the Pantry was a massive effort. (Mind you, later when I walked to the doctor the leg wasn’t as bad. Typical.)

The only brightness in the day was having Mirinda at home even though she was working. It’s still nice to have her home. It also gives me a human to talk to rather than trying to have a conversation with a cocker poo.

Then, at the end of the day, I went down to the doctor.

I sat in the waiting room, reading, for about half an hour before going in and seeing yet another doctor I’ve never seen before. Not that that matters given she has access to everything that’s ever happened to me.

I told her the problem very quickly and she gave me a brief examination. She then referred me to a physio. She thinks it’s muscular and the pain in my leg maybe associated with the knee. Afterwards, Mirinda and I figured it might be because I’m walking differently and the muscles in the back of my leg are working differently than they are meant to. This makes them ache. At least I HOPE that’s what it is.

Mirinda took the girls to Frensham for a lovely sunset walk. I am really missing the lovely walks…


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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh dear!! tears as well. But you both could be right I am surprised none of the dr thought of that you must walk different then you did before I just wish you had gone a long time ago. I bet you are missing the walks I miss the green grass and fields that I saw when Mirinda drove me around, and of course miss you two and puppies ,
    Love mum xxxxx


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