Legless Thursday

Today I had to go into Farnham. Two reasons: Firstly I had to go to an ATM to get cash to pay Kate who cut the puppies’s hair today and, secondly, to buy food for dinner tonight as Mirinda is coming home. I also thought it would be a good test to see how I’d go walking because I really want to go to work tomorrow.

Well, it looks like I’ll not be going to work tomorrow. I was in great pain by the time I returned home. This was with me catching the bus there and back and only walking to Waitrose. The pain seems to have changed location. Now the back of my leg is painful as well as behind my knee when I bend it.

I really am a mess. I’m going to try and see the doctor in the morning.

Anyway, the puppies look great. Here’s Freya:


And here’s Emma:


Emma looks miserable because she’s sympathising with me.

Speaking of sympathising…when Kate turned up to collect the girls she was cornered by the Smelly Shouty Man. She was a bit taken aback by him, though she didn’t say anything to me. She’s a nonsense type and I was surprised she didn’t just tell him where to get off. I guess, like me, she is inherently ‘nice’ and can’t bring herself to just tell him to bugger off.

I also asked her about the rumour that she was quitting given she was about to have her second baby. She was shocked though not surprised because she’d heard the rumour from another of her clients as well. As she said to me, having a second baby meant there’s no way she could afford to give up work. I said I was very pleased as I’d not trust anyone else with my girls.

Kate left, vowing to find out who started the rumour and annihilate them. When I told Mirinda she wondered whether it was the competition. Could be and, knowing Kate, I feel sorry for them…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    The puppies look Great as usual poor Kate hope she finds out who started the rumour. Shame you didn’t get to work but your health comes first.
    Love mum xxxx


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