No country fair

I kept seeing Tweets about the set up and progress of the country fair at Loseley Park today.

We had tickets, we really wanted to go.

There's always next year I guess

There’s always next year I guess

My bastard knee thought otherwise. I spent most of the day with it up on the lounge.

We did drive to Waitrose first thing in order to buy enough food to last me the whole week, given I’ll not be able to walk up shops. But that was about it.

Mirinda took the puppies to Hankley for a walk, making sure she was home so we could eat before 8pm. This was very important because I have to fast until 10:45 tomorrow…but more about that later.

Dull, really.

I hate being an invalid!!!!

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes me too Dad used to say ( i FEEL SO USELESS ) And yet some people make a habit of it. Wont be for much longer I hope. Love mum xxxx


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