Made up food

Sophie and Tom came over for lunch and a visit today. We’ve sort of gone off carbs at the moment so I invented a meal that required none. It featured chicken and Persian spices and was delicious. Instead of potato I made a sweet potato mash using a spoonful of Greek yoghurt. It went over very well.

Sophie told us that their plans for the Bath move are coming along a-pace. They have a flat lined up (Tom showed us on Right Move) and move in about a month. It’s all very exciting.

It was then time for the ladies to go for a walk while Tom and I watched the film Pixels. I had suggested we go and watch Aldershot v Gateshead but Tom wanted to spend the day inside because he’s doing something physical tomorrow. I have no idea what. As it turned out, I couldn’t really have gone to the football with my useless knee anyway so we were both happy.

(As it turned out, the Mighty Shots won 3-0. Here’s the first goal.

Thanks to the Aldershot Town Football Club Twitter account.)

Meanwhile, Mirinda took Sophie up to Thursley where they had a very long walk; longer than Mirinda expected or planned. Poor Sophie was all jelly legged when they finally returned home. Mind you, they managed to see the new dragonfly sculpture at Thursley, which I’d heard about during Talking Newspaper. According to Mirinda it looked pretty cool.

Beginning of the Dragonfly Walk, Thursley

Beginning of the Dragonfly Walk, Thursley

It doesn’t look like it but it’s made of all sorts of bits and pieces of metal including colanders, saucepans and metal serving spoons.

Once they’d returned it was a bit of a rush to get everything together in order for them to get the train back home. But they weren’t so rushed that Tom couldn’t show me his Batman impression using Sophie’s strange cape thing she wears.

That didn’t really work so we tried again…

…which only proves that one should quit while one is ahead.

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2 Responses to Made up food

  1. Mirinda says:

    Did you see the guy doing flips when the shots scored?

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I did great pity you missed it Gary but as you said better you rested your knee. Your walk Mirinda and Susannu sounds like a marathon a bit like mine on Monday. Still as long as you enjoyed it. Hope your move goes well, hope to meet Batman next time I am over,
    Love mum xxxx


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