“I knew it was never meant to be serious,” said Lindsay

Lindsay was talking about this week’s edition of the Farnham Talking Newspaper we’d just finished recording. She hasn’t read with me for ages. In fact, it’s probably years. I’ve seen her in the studio, in passing, but she’s not been on my team.

We also had the wonderful John Evans reading with us as well. Such a wicked sense of humour and master of the ad lib. I’ve had John on my team in the last 12 months but not for ages.

The final reader was Sue who has read with me many times over the last year.

And Lindsay was so right. It was nothing like serious. She was in the number one slot and I threw to her every time, making her giggle and fight to maintain a sensible demeanour. It was jolly good fun. Which was good because my knee was killing me.

I think yesterday’s trip into London didn’t do my knee any favours. Although I kept walking to a minimum, there were a few steps and the stroll up Charing Cross Road took it’s toll. Add to this the trip to the studio today and it’s easy to see why I collapsed onto the lounge as soon as I reached home afterwards.

The trip home from the Talking News wasn’t made any easier by the addition of a very heavy bag of shopping. I blame the dogs because 3/4 of the weight was their dog food.

As I was passing Waitrose I noticed that they’ve installed a seating area out the back.

Have a seat!

Have a seat!

This is odd on a number of levels. Firstly, why would anyone want to sit outside a supermarket? I suppose if you were waiting for someone who was inside it’s nicer than standing up. Though you could also go and help with the shopping. Mind you, there are some much nicer spots to sit in the Lion and Lamb Yard whereas the Waitrose ‘seating area’ has a very fine view of the car park and is bordered by a road which is pretty much constantly in use. Mind you, it seems that a lot of people in Farnham quite like the smell of car fumes so perhaps I’m being a bit harsh.

Secondly, and possibly not so odd, there’s a chap who busks there almost every day. There’s nothing wrong with his busking and he is often joined by a young lad on guitar and, I noticed the other day, a woman singing in harmony with him. Busking in the Lion and Lamb Yard is prohibited by the owner so the corner of Waitrose is the perfect alternative. And, I must emphasise, he’s harmless and quite musical.

Have there been complaints? Has Waitrose decided to ban him in a slightly underhanded fashion? I doubt we’ll ever know.

Location, location, location

Location, location, location

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3 Responses to Silliness

  1. Mum Cook says:

    I saw him a few times and he is very good but you always have to have complainers . Your knee is never going to get better why didn’t you take your trolley with you so you can put the shopping in much better to pull it then carry bags.
    Love mum xxxxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Of course your knee will get better!

  3. Mirinda says:

    Saw a harpist there this week. He was excellent.

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