Fish on Friday

YAY! Mirinda’s home! After an extended London stay of nearly two weeks. She almost missed the snow but a bit remains…though rapidly melting. I’m sure the poodles will get filthy when I take them for a walk tomorrow.

Before I go any further, I need to let my mum know that there is no way she would like Sid & Nancy. Take it from someone who knows. Me. If you REALLY need to know what it’s about, you can look here.

So today was basically essay writing, studying in order to accomplish said essay writing and the inevitable housework. And, of course, the usual shopping trip into Farnham. Although, for the first time in almost a fortnight, I was cooking for someone else…as well as me, that is. And being Friday, we had one of the Chez Gaz specials, lightly smoked salmon fillets, crusted with avocado and sitting on kale and rice. It was eaten with great relish. That’s not a new kind of condiment, either.

So, I’m afraid, that is it for tonight. Except for one last thing. In the garden of the house next door, the kids built a snowman. With the warming weather, most snowmen are gradually melting away but for them, clearly a mercy killing was the only solution.

Snowy, mercifully saved from the rigours of melting

Snowy, mercifully saved from the rigours of melting

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