Timber merchants

Puppy School. Poor Janet not looking too well. Puppies behaved surprisingly well given it’s been so long between classes.

Dropped them home then went to Jessop’s to order timber for the spare room. Tried to order it at the counter (when someone decided to man one of the 400 cash registers) but I confused the guy who sent me to “…see Mike, out the back.” Found three guys “out the back” none of whom was Mike.

The guy I did talk to – not much of a conversationalist – eventually told me what I needed to know. Actually, anyone talking to this guy would straight away assume he was sub-human.

So then I went back to the counter and told the guy virtually the same thing I’d been told by the sub-human “out the back” who wasn’t Mike. The guy who served me then typed it into his computer. Amazingly, it worked and the order will be delivered on Friday.

Of course, when Mirinda asked for a time on Friday she was told “Oh no, you’re never going to get a delivery time.” As if this was some sort of unreasonable request. I mean, he works too. Does he get a bit pissed off when he has to take an entire day off to wait in for something? Some people have no idea. About anything. Anyway…it’s ordered.

Popped into Darnley’s for a cap and bagel – yumbo – then back home.

Went to the Yvonne Arnaud tonight to see Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel. It was directed by Adrian Dunbar (his directorial debut) and was a Regional Theatres (Northern Ireland) touring production.

Overall, it was very well done with excellent direction. The main character is split in two – public and private self. The private self (Marty Rea) was excellent. Full of life, great pace, wonderful timing. There was only one bad part and that was only about four lines and one appearance so it didn’t really spoil anything.

The only problem with the play was that it’s so bloody depressing. Still, some lovely father and son moments with Walter McMonagle as a very believable father.

Pauline Hutton, who played Kate Doogan, has very odd ears and shouldn’t put her hair behind them.

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