What a miserable waste of a day. I was going to go into town to the flat in order to finish what I couldn’t last week because of the power and water cut but my left foot (the one without gout) was killing me. I can only think it was caused by the seemingly endless walking up and down the cobbled stone streets of Lewes.

Add to the footage discomfort the weather gradually turning foul and you’ve pretty much summed up the day. In fact, by the time we reached dinner, the rain had set in for the foreseeable. Mind you, I shouldn’t moan too much, it’s the first time we’ve eaten inside for quite a while, the weather being generally kind. The terrace has been our dining room lately, a very nice option…though not tonight.

I did walk up to Farnham but that was it. I spent the rest of the day working on tax stuff and avoiding too much walking. Early on, Mirinda (who was working from home) gave me a couple of Neurofen which helped a great deal.

I noticed that they seem to have finished on the outside of the ex-Colony. They’ve even removed the ‘All you can eat buffet’ sign from the front window. I guess they’re just busy on the inside now so there’ll be little to see now until it opens.


Mirinda went for a swim at lunch time while I sat looking at spreadsheets and bank statements. I reckon I got the good end of that deal…

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2 Responses to Miserable

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Looking good I see the work mans toilet is still out side.
    Love mum xxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    It’s a very attractive building now.

    And you’ll learn to like the gymn -though maybe not the pool


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