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This morning I headed off for Lewes while Mirinda stayed on the train and went to the Isle of Wight. She was going to visit Sophie, Tom and the Garlic Farm while I was off to play cards with Lorna, Darren, Bex and Lex (and Simon but I didn’t know that, or him, until later).

Ages ago, at the Globe, Bex and Lex told me all about a card game called Cards Against Humanity. They said that it was only appropriate for certain people because most would find it very objectionable. Tonight I found out that their warning was wise.

Cards Against Humanity is played with two packs of specially printed cards, one white, one black. The black cards contain a sentence with one or two bits missing ie “My uncle was arrested last week because BLANK…”. The white cards contain a phrase or a word which fills the blanks ie “the moon wasn’t quite full.”. All very simple. Except the white cards are far from simple and, a lot of the time, in extremely bad taste.

We also played Exploding Cats which I thoroughly enjoyed…but that was a lot later in the day.

Heading across the bottom of England from Havant to Brighton, the train grew fuller and fuller and fullest. There is currently a lot of silly industrial action going on with Southern Trains which I’m not going to bother writing about except to say it is very silly. One knock on result from the industrial nonsense is very full trains and cancellations.

Pulling into Brighton (I did wave at Nicole and Luke as we went through Hove but I don’t think they saw me) with a lot of squashed up people, the train I’d planned to catch to Lewes was, in fact, cancelled. Then I realised that at the platform next to the one I’d pulled in on was a train stopping at Lewes and leaving in four minutes. A strange and unlikely bit of good fortune.

Brighton Station

Brighton Station

I met Lorna and Darren at Lewes station and we then did a sort of progress through the town, stopping off at a few pubs, enjoying a Harvey’s or two at each one and the amazing tapas at the Lewes Arms. Then, after dropping stuff off and picking stuff up from their place, we headed down (and I mean a long way down) to Bex and Lex’s place.

Lex, who is a chemist, used to work at Pizza Express as a pizza chef. He has a pizza oven in their little courtyard. Subsequently, we were treated to some fantastic pizzas. Some of them even featured his own personal sauce. While the pizza was fantastic there was a bit too much and we all at our fill and some. We were very full.

Simon, who is part of the Bonfire Team of Explosive and Fanatical Pirates, was a total hoot. A very funny guy with an especially wry sense of humour. I liked him instantly.

After Pizza Mountain had been successfully scaled, we cleared the table and Bex taught us (actually just me) the rules of how to play Exploding Cats. It’s difficult to describe how tense the game gets when there’s three people left and about five cards to go (two of those cards are going to be exploding cats). The winner was not a definite until the very last turn of a card…almost. It was very exciting. And I could easily have played another round. That was not to be.

We then spent a good number of hours playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking…and trying to force down Lorna’s delicious eggy flan. We had to force it in order to try and get by the remaining pizza still making it’s way down towards our stomachs.

At one stage we had a shot of very cold, very creamy vodka which had been steeped in buffalo grass. It had the amazing ability to taste like a summer’s day in a wildflower meadow. Oddly delicious. Well, apart from Simon who poked his tongue out and asked to have the taste scraped off it. At least it was better than the sickeningly sweet Safari liquor which I, fortunately, refused, something I was very glad of after seeing Simon and Darren’s faces afterwards.

By 2am, we decided it was time to stagger back up the giant hill to Lorna and Darren’s place. We were a bit held up by Lex who had grabbed his Nerf gun and tried to shoot Darren down. The two chatting chaps on the corner were astonished at the sight. It didn’t help that Darren was wearing a Pacman t-shirt.

I finally fell into bed at about 2:30, exhausted yet strangely still full of pizza.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    My goodness what can I say, as long as you had a good time which sounds like you did.
    love mum xxx


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