A puppy post

I was sitting listening to The Archers tonight when the girls started playing. That is what this post is about.

The puppies love wrestling. It seems that some days they just can’t get enough of the rough and tumble.


It often looks terribly one sided and, of course, Freya is a bit smaller but there’s nothing to worry about because she’s a little gremlin and she never gives up.


Mind you, Emma does go easy on her…most of the time.


But there’s just so much leeway an older dog can give a young whipper snapper and when the end comes, it comes with a vengeance.


Of course Emma would never really hurt Freya…though I’m not so sure if the shoe was on the other paw whether Freya would be as generous.


They have to get along though because they are each other’s company. So it’s nice to see them between bouts, enjoying a little rest before jumping back into the fray.


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  1. Mum Cook says:

    As I said on the wrong post I love it they are only playing and thank goodness they have each other. Thank you at least I get to see them.
    Love mum xxxx
    I see you have put the ballerinr’s at the top very nice.


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