We’re looking for a woman

The reason my prescription could not be filled was a brand thing. It seems they didn’t have the Vitamin B Compound tablets that the doctor had specified because the doctor had asked for a particular brand. The brand is called ‘Valupak’ so, clearly a cheap option. I suspect that the NHS requires the doctors to specify the cheapest option…which is fine except when the cheapest one is difficult to order. Like my Vitamin B Compound tablets.

Anyway, I went to the chemist this morning and went through the entire charade again. This time, however, another woman came and told me why they couldn’t complete the prescription. She then filled out my prescription with the (slightly) more expensive ones. If the difference is massive then I can understand but according to her, the cost difference is negligible.

So I FINALLY have both vitamins.

The rest of the day (after this very exciting beginning) was spent on housework. Well, ignoring the walk in the park that Emma insisted on.

Actually, I noticed today in the park the little brown dog that I spotted ages ago and assumed was escaping from his garden and roaming the park whenever and where ever he felt like it. Today, however, he was with a woman who said she was his owner. She and her friend (who owns a golden retriever) went all gooey over our two.

She asked me what our dogs were. I said cocker-poos and the woman then proclaimed, all Monty Python like, that she’d always wanted poodles and had sworn she’d get one. She then looked down at the decidedly not-a-poodle at her feet and shrugged.

The not-a-poodle then grabbed Emma’s tennis ball and ran off with it. The woman was useless at getting it back and the not-a-poodle was in no danger of returning. Emma just stared sadly after it as it ran away. I tried to send Freya after the ball but she was too interested in chatting to the golden retriever.

Eventually the not-a-poodle returned the ball to his owner who gingerly handed it back to me. He’d managed to pierce the ball with one of his canines and effectively killed it. Poor Emma. The rest of the walk was spent trying to throw the ball which was now the shape of an old apple with a huge bite taken out of it. Well, in between dodging the strange wishy washy showers that keep trying to wet us.

By the time Mirinda arrived home I figured the excitement for the day was well and truly over but I hadn’t reckoned on the Badlands of the Six Bells Roundabout.

It started with a police chopper. It was hovering low and loud over the roundabout. This wasn’t too bad but then it decided to hover over our house…or just in front of our house. It stayed there for quite a while.

Mirinda and I discussed that the best course of action in these terror ridden times would be to head in the opposite direction to any trouble (perceived or otherwise). So Mirinda dropped her dinner fork and went out the front to see what was going on. It seems that everyone else in our street is equally curious and non-risk averse because, according to Mirinda, a lot of them were gathered outside their houses watching for whatever was going to happen.


Eventually Mirinda returned and finished her dinner. Well, until Dave next door told us, over the dividing wall, that a dog walker had emerged from the park and told the gathered folk that there’d been half a dozen police roaming around and when the dog walker asked them what was going on, the police said that they were “…looking for a woman.

All very mysterious and annoyingly loud. No doubt I’ll read all about it next week when I present the Farnham edition of the Talking Newspaper.

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2 Responses to We’re looking for a woman

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Are poor Emma she will have to get a bit tough on these dogs that pinch her ball. WOW All that excitement I cant wait for your reading on the paper now make sure you tell me. I love the first pics of the two of them playing .
    love mum xx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Got a bit muddle there, wrote about the wrong thing, well its a pity you didn’t get that women in the chemist first time then you would have had a weeks worth all ready so hope you are getting stuck into them. xx


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