You’re dressed for summer!

A year ago I planted two hydrangeas at the side of Carmen’s Sweet Escape, against the side of my office. I’m very happy with their progress. This is what they look like this year:


Perfect colouring

Today was mostly spent in the garden just pottering about, weeding, and so forth. While the day started drizzly and miserable (it had rained overnight) it improved over time so that, following lunch, the sun was out and the skies were blue. This made Emma very happy because earlier she’d been worried that the rain would mean no walk.

Of course, although it was raining, the temperature wasn’t appreciably cooler so I decided against a raincoat for my shopping. For a change this was the right move. Though it did mean that while I was waiting in Loaf, the customer in front of me remarked that I was dressed for summer. I looked outside and told him that it was summer. He didn’t really have an answer for that.

He’d just returned from a week in the Witterings in a German trailer thing and he claimed the weather had been entirely unpredictable with all seasons regularly putting in an appearance over any 24 hour period. I told him he should have stayed in Farnham because the weather has been lovely. The girl behind the counter said she loved the Witterings but not the weather.

At home I tried to kill lots of weeds – there was an entire nettle cult behind the obelisk in the Crazy Bed which decided it would be a good idea to attack first and die second. Bloody Death Cults!

The clematis climbing up the Holly Arch is starting to bloom again. This is a great achievement for us because clematis regularly doesn’t bloom in our garden. Given the number of unbloomed buds, it’s going to be covered in big red flowers very soon. And while the clematis buds look very promising, these Hot Border flowers all look like ballerinas wearing tutus, particularly when they flutter about in the breeze.

from The Hot Border

from The Hot Border

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yea i thought that love it pretty ballerinas .
    love mum xx


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