Outage v Outrage

Today I decided to go and clean up the flat. Mirinda was working from home and I didn’t go up last week so it was about time. Everything was fine except for the electricity and water.

A few weeks ago at the flat (15 July to be exact), Mirinda was under the shower, head full of lather, when the water went off and with it, the electricity. It was 10am and it didn’t return until 2pm. Since then, as far as we know, it’s all been fine.

Imagine, if you will, how happy I was, sitting eating my Itzu sushi, watching Orange is the New Black when, suddenly, without any warning of any kind, everything went off. I calmly finished my lunch then decided to do everything that didn’t require water or power.

The trouble is that the most important things I do require either one or the other (or both) so, pretty soon I was finished and deciding whether to stay or go. I figured I’d take the rubbish down and ask at the concierge desk if they had an approximate time for reconnection.

I wasn’t alone.

Crammed into a small corner of the building, in a room designed for about five people, a large group of (easily) 20 was demanding answers. That makes it sound all fist waving and screaming for justice but it was actually a very well behaved mob. I even spotted a few people hunting for Pikachu on their phones while we waited for answers.

The woman behind the counter was acting very calm and cool, answering the phone with a chirpy tone then explaining that yes the water and power was off and yes they were working on it and no they couldn’t say how long for. That was enough for me. I turned around and walked out, leaving the mob to its own devices.

I went back upstairs, collected my stuff and headed back home. A bit of a wasted trip but I didn’t really mind. At least it gave me something to blog about. And I did manage to get an update photo of the Maine Tower progress.


On the way home a rather odd woman on the train asked numerous people if the train went to Farnham. Other than the first guy who said he was going to Surbiton and didn’t have a clue, everyone (including me) told her it did. She even went so far as to ask me how long it would take. Fast forward to Woking when the guard walked through and she asked him if the train went to Farnham and how long it would take. Fast forward again to Ash Vale and she asked me if Farnham was the stop after Aldershot. I told her it was and that Farnham was six minutes after Aldershot.

She then asked me the time, which I told her after looking at my phone. She then told me that the overhead clock was wrong. It was actually well off, which is not usual. Anyway, just before we pulled into Aldershot, she collected her stuff together and stood up at the door.

She stood there as people got off then on and remained standing there for the six minutes to Farnham. She then asked the guy standing behind her (the one wearing the red bowler hat and red clown’s nose) if there were taxis at Farnham station. He assured her that there were.

She was clearly worried she’d miss the stop if she wasn’t extremely well prepared. Odd, as I said.

I should mention that first thing I walked over to the chemist in the hospital to see if the other half of my prescription had been completed. It had not. They took my phone number again. I wanted to ask the girl if I could sue them if I died from lack of medication. But I figured she’d have thought I was joking.

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2 Responses to Outage v Outrage

  1. Mirinda says:

    You need your vitamin B12!!!

  2. Mum Cook says:

    That’s right he does. Wow you do have fun on the trains my building is coming on in fact they have done a lot thank you, shame about no power and water. do you think it has something to do with building over the road?
    love mum xxx


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