The Garden Show 2016

Rodney was left alone for a long time today. He barked for hours. The noise doesn’t bother us (according to Dave it really annoys the people in the Dead House) but poor Rodney’s loneliness does. We’ve said many times that we’d be more than happy to have him with us if they needed but they never have.

Someone came home and let him out at midnight – I was finishing up the kitchen. He went outside and barked a couple of times in joy (I assume) then the house was quiet. Poor Rodney. He needs a chum.

Mind you, our two had been left for most of the day while we went to Loseley House for the Summer Garden Show but at least they had each other…and Emma had her citronella collar.


This year marked our second visit to the Summer Garden Show. Not that we feel too left out given it’s only been going for five years. Sadly, unlike most things at Loseley (and Starbucks now) dogs are not allowed which is why they stayed at home entertaining each other. Mind you, I reckon it would have been all a bit too scary for Freya and Emma would have hated the heat…that’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Of course we bought some plants (dwarf sunflowers and gerberas) for the Former Residence of Xun Ma as well as an ornamental butterfly on a stick in order to freak Sophie out the next time she visits. There was also a need for some more infused oil, Turkish Delight, baklava and a pendant. We almost bought a big sun umbrella but then didn’t.

World's most uncomfortable stools

World’s most uncomfortable stools

Easily our favourite thing at the whole show though had to be the Morris sides. There were quite a few different ones seemingly having dance offs in groups of two. All jolly good fun. Though some of them looked rather threatening once they had a hefty stick in their hands.


There was also, what we think was, a German folk dancing troupe who were very entertaining. We wondered whether it was a reaction to Brexit just to show us what we’ll be missing once the divorce is finalised.

Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Eventually though it was time to leave the Park and the dancers to their frolics in order to drive home via the pub where Gail and Glenn will be staying next month – purely by accident. Of course we arrived home to two very excitable puppies so we took them for a late walk around Frensham Little Pond. Going after the hottest part of the day was a brilliant idea…as was the Gazpacho soup we had before dinner.

All round, a pretty close to perfect day.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I do hope I am there for the next Summer Garden Show. Wow Gail and Glenn will be close to you how will they get from there to you, will they hire a car or will you two pick them up.
    love mum xxx


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