Grimble bum

This morning I discovered that dogs are now allowed in Starbucks. This is excellent news. According to Sue, they are now owned by a different company, one which likes dogs. This is because most Starbucks stores are franchises. When chatting about it, Victoria said I should bring the girls in.

It was just after talking to the Starbucks staff that I came across a blog written by someone called Keith. He often writes about Farnham so I was interested to see what he thought. His experiences seem to be somewhat repetitive but I did manage to garner some things of interest.

He doesn’t like Neros, Costa or Starbucks, preferring an independent coffee shop in Downing Street. He shops at Waitrose but doesn’t like shop girls with pigtails leaning too far over the deli counter. He was saddened when the green grocer shut up shop.

Another thing he mentions is his objection to the East Street Development. This is one thing I agree with him on. He thinks that Farnham doesn’t need any of it. I’m not so certain that Farnham doesn’t need more housing but I’m damned sure it doesn’t need any more shops.

It’s one thing if every shop in Farnham was full to overflowing every day because then you’d need more shops. Sadly and plainly, this isn’t the case and, as Keith says, even the green grocer has left.

My ideal East Street Development would consist of a load of new, affordable homes with no parking and instead of a load of unnecessary shops which would just close up after 12 months because of a general lack of customers, some lovely green space. I realise that this plan would not be welcome (and not just because I don’t think they should have car spaces) and we’ll end up with a stupid multi-screen cinema we don’t need and scores of empty shops and it will completely ruin the Farnham I love. I guess I’m one of the few.

Part of the Farnham I love

Part of the Farnham I love

Anyway, as for me, I hobbled into town – now that I know what’s wrong with me it seems to have worsened – and shopped before boarding the bus to the hospital for my blood test.

Normally when one wishes to get a blood test, one must join the inevitable hordes, anxiously clutching their little slips of numbered paper, occasionally glancing at them as if willing the number to change from 98 to 16. Today I walked in and there was one other person sitting in the waiting room. I took my number. It was 22 and the monitor said they were dealing with 20. It clicked over to 21 and the other person in the waiting room went in.

This is completely unprecedented. Consequently I was in and out in around 15 minutes. But then things changed. I went to the chemist.

The chemist at the hospital is very handy. It saves a lot of hassle when you collect your prescription and can just walk across the building to have it filled. The alternative is to go back into Farnham where you can use the independent chemist or Boots. The trouble is they are not very quick and a queue then a waiting crowd is very quick to gather. Like this morning.

I’d attempted to get my prescription filled yesterday after visiting the doctor but, having waited for half an hour I was told that they didn’t have one of them and it wouldn’t be delivered until this morning (or this afternoon). I’d left it with them saying I’d pop in today.

First there was a long delay while they searched for the prescription then the news that they still didn’t have one but would give me the other. A rather frazzled chemist then asked for my phone number so she could call me when (if?) it arrived. There was no phone call for the rest of the day.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well that’s a lot of good hope you have it now not doing you any good if you cant get it.
    Im with you and keith with a green grocer we lost ours about ten years ago then the butcher all because of super markets.
    Love mum xxxx

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