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Another great day out.

After the much needed sleep in, it was hang a few pictures, water the garden, do the accounts then off to Winchester for our Jane outing.

Of course the organisation was crap but we managed to circumvent that and found the room (“The sign says room 6 is that way!” “But I was told it’s this way!”). And Professor Michael Wheeler was excellent. The talk was basically a sales pitch for Chawton House Library but a very good and informative one.

Naturally Mirinda was getting very excited. Last night we had been discussing her volunteering for something and now this falls into her lap.

Anyway, after the talk it was off to Chawton and a fabulous stroll around the grounds.

Discovered that when Lady Catherine calls the Bennet’s garden ‘a pretty little wilderness’ she wasn’t being rude. Most English Regency gardens had an area called a Wilderness. It gave shelter and cool in the heat of the day.

We went home via Odiham and had tea at Next Door at the George. I had lamb while Mirinda had liver and bacon (so gross!).

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