A trawl along the coast of Devon

Our first stop was Branscombe which claims to be the longest village in England – it certainly went for a long time, down a very steep hill. I was amazed when Neville made it.

Stopped at St Winifred’s, a gorgeous little church with gravestones readable back to the 1600’s.


Further down the village is a National Trust property…well, three actually. A forge, a baker and a mill. The baker was shut because of the foot and mouth quarantine but the mill had a tea shop. I had a lovely piece of treacle tart and Mirinda toasted tea cake. The forge was operating but we didn’t fancy buying anything.

The beach, at the end of the village, is stony with beach huts and the Sea Shanty gift shop and cafe. It was nice strolling along the beach. Mirinda tested sitting on the stones and claimed it didn’t hurt because they are rounded and smooth.

We then went on to Beer.

Another lovely spot, not least for its name. But, sadly, there was no Beer ‘beer’ otherwise I’d have bought some. There were quite a few people around though we were the only ones in the pub (had great minty lamb chops and a pint of Flowers), the Barrel o’ Beer.


We then went to Lyme Regis…which neither of us liked very much.

We strolled along the waterfront to the Cobb and back. Decided against re-enacting Louisa Musgrove’s fateful fall as Mirinda was a bit fearful.

Visited a magnificent fossil shop and bought a 50 million year old fish.

We then drove back to Boswell via Honiton which looks intriguing – want to spend some time there.

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