One man went to mow

FINALLY mowed the lawn. Back lower section took half an hour. I really like the mower. How sad is that?

Mirinda keeps changing the location of the bird feeder table.

Herbs are going fine this time. Used the chives and parsley with last night’s fish (dinner).

Mirinda now talking about a fish tank, while we sat and watched the birds in the back garden. Mirinda reckons we saw two blackbirds with chicks, a couple of thrushes and some coal tits. I saw a robin. This is all theoretical, of course. Mirinda is not that reliable an ornithologist and I know nothing.

Popped down to the Craft Fair at the Maltings. Saw some lovely things but unfortunately (or should that be fortunately) only had £30 in cash and no cheque book and only took cards…so only bought a little bowl, a mother earth fertility sculpture and a pair of earrings. And NOT the £50 cow bowl for fruit.

Saw the final part of Stephen Poliakoff’s Perfect Strangers. A work of art. He is brilliant.

Mirinda made roast chicken for tea. Mmmmmm…roast chicken…

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