Library day 7

On Saturday (Library Day 6), the Polish chap turned up to put the door knobs on and mantelpiece up in the library. The knobs are off white, crackle glazed porcelain on a brass base.

And today it was the turn of the coving guys. They turned up exactly at 8am as promised and set straight to work.

I headed into the garden with the puppies to do some weeding. I weeded for a few hours, pulling out the offending plants from all the various beds, before one of the guys told me they were finished. He reckoned it looked great; that we’d picked the perfect coving for the room. He also liked the room. When I heard from Martin (the boss) he said that his guy had said it was a Library and looked very good.

Here’s a small section of the coving in place above the bookcase.

They left at about 12:30 and I dragged the lawn mower over the grass. It was very thick and long – the grass; not the mower. For a while I wondered why it had suddenly decided to grow so much in clumpy spots. I conceded that we’d had a lot of rain then humid conditions – just right for grass growth – but it seemed a bit odd only growing in seemingly random spots.

Then it struck me. Grass seeds. Not literally. No. A while ago I forked the grass and sprinkled grass seed over the bald patches then promptly forgot about it. Well, they worked. It was like pushing the mower through green treacle.

Following lunch, my phone returned home…completely working but without a lot of my apps. After lunch and our walk I spent a few hours returning it to normal.

It’s so good to have it back. The old one was driving me mad.

Surprisingly, we didn’t really see many people in the park today. I say ‘surprisingly’ because it wasn’t raining. On the other hand, while we didn’t see many people we were visited by two very excited dogs.

The first was a young collie who copied Freya’s submissive moves before the two of them started playing. So cute. Emma, of course, just watched. Then the collie’s owner called him and he sped off.

The second dog was a big galumphing black thing. She was young and was carrying a tennis ball. There was no sign of an owner. She dropped her ball at my feet and looked at me, giving a sideways, hopeful glance at the flika-stic. Meanwhile Freya was trying to get her to play. I picked the ball up and, making sure Emma stayed with us, threw the ball back in the direction from whence she’d come. She took off like a bullet, collected her ball then kept going. We didn’t see her again so I assume she found her owner.

Here’s a couple more photos of the Library. Obviously the tiles around the fireplace need to be added and tiles inside the wood store to the left of the fire but that’ll come.

And the other wall where you can see the mantelpiece.

And, as if by some strange miracle, it didn’t rain all day.

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2 Responses to Library day 7

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh wow it is so lovely although I was tired I just had to have a look at the library I love it it will be a shame to get it messed up and love the coving its just right.
    Love mum xxxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Why will it get messed up Josie?

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see it f2f

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