Unpacking & building

We are still without the Internet. It’s like those movies where there’s a handful of survivors in the boat after the ship sinks and there’s a voice-over saying “53 days and still no sign of land. We ate the cabin boy last night. The men feel awful. Jones thinks it’s indigestion.” But without the Pythonesque cannibalism.

Actually we’ve been far too busy unpacking the boxes that mum spent the last three months packing. 66 there were. She counted them. Once they were all empty and flat packed in the garage. I’m not sure why. She has sworn she will NEVER move again. When I ask her why she’s keeping the 66 boxes she said “In case.”

Speaking of flat pack. I’ve been engaged in a bit of construction myself over the last few days. And I’ve found the best set of flat pack instructions I think I’ve ever seen. I was so impressed, I scanned them and include them below. If you find them hard to understand…well, there’s no hope, I guess. I find it very useful that they thought to include how to deconstruct them as well.

Really tricky flat-pack instructions

I tried the pool today. I’d put together the outside table and chairs (see instructions above) and the sweat was falling in waves. It was so hot, my beer was evaporating before I could drink it. I completed the assembly and announced I was off to try the pool.

I joined an 80 year old long distance swimmer and we cheered each other as we swam laps. Actually, that’s not true. There was no cheering. I was cooling down, steam rising as I submerged into the shallows. He would swim a lap then stop, hugging himself as if freezing. It was not freezing.

I’ve never seen the sense in swimming like a lunatic in a pool. I’m generally there to cool down, not exercise. Exercise seems a bit pointless when you’re cooling down in the water. At least to me.

The pool here is lovely except for one of the rules. NO DIVING. I can understand no running, jumping, splashing, fireworks, gunfights, glass, electricity, etc but I love to dive in! I can only assume it’s because some morons can’t read the depth that is printed on the side of the pool and try and head butt their way to the centre of the earth.

But, enough of my flippancies, here’s a few more photos of mum & dad’s new abode. This is the kitchen.

Mum & Dad's new kitchen

And the corridor which supplies a constant breeze through the tiled house.

Hallway in Mum & Dad's new house - first on the left is my room

And, finally, here’s mum, unpacking her delicates.

Mum finding nothing broken

For a while she was a bit concerned about the whereabouts of Catherine the Great but she turned up eventually.

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  1. Wow! The apartment looks bigger than her last place that haklway looks really long! I am so happy for them! Cant wait until we can Skype again! Thanks for these fun updates Gary! Xx

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