Reading for the radio

I had an Alton Talking Newspaper today so the dogs had an early walk (between the rains). Before any of that happened though I had to get my phone off to be repaired. This isn’t as simple as it appears.

Firstly it had to backed up then I had to log out of everything on the phone. This was a right pain. Still, eventually it was securely wrapped up and I posted it when I walked passed the Post Office on my way in to the studio.

Of course the dogs went mad in the park. Emma, as usual, spent a good hour and a half chasing her ball and Freya made friends with every single dog she saw. She really is the most sociable dog I’ve ever known. I’m surprised that some of the bigger dogs don’t just swallow her whole.

Eventually it was time to head off for the Chantrys, collecting the papers and a Starbucks on the way.

When I arrived at the studio there was a lot of action going on. A reporter from BBC Surrey was there doing a live broadcast. He even had a little satellite van parked outside. It was all very exciting though it did mean it made everyone a bit late. None of it included me as Chris was the Presenter in the studio and Pete was the next in line. I just stood out of the way and started my paper preparation.

There wasn’t a lot of humour in the paper this week though I did manage to get a few guffaws when I read a story about church kneelers and how exciting they are.

I had a good team with the welcome return of Jackie. Ages ago I was her first Presenter when she started reading but since then I’ve never had her reading for me. A shame because she’s fun and not so old she remembers the War…unlike most of them. Plus she’s one of the few people I know who can get away with wearing red reading glasses.

Actually, my team today all wore glasses to read…except for me. I took mine off. It’s like one of those Have I Got News For You odd one outs.

It all ran smoothly (apart from one edit when I said the wrong name of a venue) and we left at just gone 5pm.

Mirinda came home tonight and was blown away by the library. Given it’s going to be her study, this is a very good thing. She has said that she thinks the light box images look so good we might just keep them rather than invest in more stained glass.

Bob came round for dinner and I made minty rolly chicken. I’m making sure he gets lots of vegetables.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Why does Bob have to have lots of veg doesn’t he eat them at home. I love the pictures either side of the shelfs cant see them very clear so don’t know what they are.
    Love mum xxxx

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