Bob in a Vulcan

Last November, while having my daily dose of Twitter, I spotted something I thought Bob would love. It was the opportunity to sit in a Vulcan. I immediately found the site and booked for a 15 minute slot on June 28 2016. Or ‘today’ as most people would call it.

Bob wasn’t sure we were serious when we told him he had a date with the front seat of a Vulcan but he did and today he sat in it. To say he thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement.

We set off nice and early for London. The Royal Air Force Museum is close to Colindale tube station so we headed across town and were there in plenty of time for our appointment with aviation history.

In the first room we walked through (and when I say ‘room’ I mean massive great area full of full size planes) Bob was instantly transformed to a youngster faced with a shop window full of assorted sweets to choose from. It took a while to drag him into the bigger room where the Vulcan sat waiting.

We thought we’d have a coffee first but quickly ran out of time to finish them. We raced around to the bomb bay doors and waited for Bob’s turn to start. And he took his whole 15 minutes, I have to say. Here he is on his way in:

Bob climbs aboard the Vulcan

Bob climbs aboard the Vulcan

The Vulcan was designed to carry nuclear bombs. It could also carry 20 1,000lb bombs…which is a lot of explosion. According to Bob, the conditions were quite cramped upfront with a very small window which is quite surprising when you realise how much plane there is behind the pilot. I guess bombs take precedent over comfort when it comes to big delta wing aircraft.

Afterwards we actually drank a whole coffee before going our separate ways to explore the rest of the museum. What an amazing place. There’s even a Lancaster in it as well as helicopters, bi-planes, strange gyrothings and all sorts of other air force stuff. We both enjoyed it a lot.

I thought this guy was real

I thought this guy was real

And I actually managed to sit in a cockpit as well. Okay, not as fantastic as the Vulcan but even so…

While we were playing Mirinda was at home, working and supervising the Library Guys. One of them had to take his car for its MOT so they finished early. The Polish chap will be back tomorrow to finish it off.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I bet Bob had trouble getting to sleep that night how exciting he will have something over his mates lol
    Love mum xxx


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