Preparing for Bob

Most of today was spent waiting for Bob. He was due to arrive at 15:45. And he did. In fact his plane was actually early. He’d flown from Munich where he’d arrived from Vancouver after leaving Portland quite a while earlier. He had horrendous waits at each airport. But that was nowt when compared with the wait at Heathrow.

Actually it wasn’t really a wait. He was lined up ready to go through customs along with about 47 other full planeloads of passengers when he realised he didn’t have one of those incredibly important pieces of cardboard where you scrawl the information from your passport. The flight attendants hadn’t bothered bringing them round. Which was unusual.

Anyway, to say he was a bit ropeable by the time he reached the Bush would definitely be gilding a lily. Mirinda was there, waiting, almost with G&T in hand. It was sometime during this much needed libation that he returned to earth. Of course he went off again when he explained it all to me but that was short lived in comparison.

Bob never stays mad for long and he was soon happily tucking in to my Persian roast chicken. We then forced him to stay awake until a reasonable hour.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Poor Bob what an awful trip at least he has his holiday on the boat to look forward to, say hello for me and hope his time with you both will make up for it. you wont be able to Skype next week either.
    Love mum xxx

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