Friday at home

Today Sue was away and Mirinda went to a funeral so I stayed at home. I know I was quite happy to leave the poodles for full days – we HAD to when we were both working – but I don’t feel Emma and Freya are ready for a full day. I know I’m just being silly. Mind you, The Return of Mr Sandals is a sequel I’d rather avoid.

So, rather than have fun at the Science Museum I had fun at home. Well, as much fun as one can have doing housework.

Given the general lack of doing much of a photo-worthy nature, I’ve included some photos of the garden. I realise I’ve been a bit remiss this year when in previous entries around this time I have shown veritable bouquets of home grown flowers. So…


Above is a small section of the Wildflower Patch seen from my chair in the office. There has been a lot of poppies so far and buttercups. No sign of the blue flowers yet though the funny trumpet shaped white ones are starting to put in an appearance. When the sun shines, the whole thing is alive with hungry humming bees. Delightful.


Next we have a few of the alliums in the raised bed on the terrace. They are, once again, filling the terrace with colour and height. They are stunning.


And, finally, a couple of clematis climbers. The first one above is on the arch by the office. The flowers are a gorgeous purpley red and in great profusion. Very happy with them. The next is one we planted last year against the obelisk. It has returned with a vengeance. There’s flowers all over it.


Mirinda managed to get home by 7:30 and we were going to have dinner on the terrace but the Crazies had other ideas. I don’t know what they burn in their bin but it spews black smoke and smells toxic. We were forced to shut all our windows and doors at one stage the air was so foul. So we ate in the dining area instead.

And that was about it.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh WOW!! How lovely I can see now you want me to come in the summer I missed out on the wonderful colour in your garden so looking forward to that next year. What idiots next door fancy burning in summer good thing thy aren’t out here remember the man at the back
    of me got slung out of the house and I have heard he got very heavly fined.
    Love mum xxx

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