A dream

It’s very rare these days that I go to the theatre and wish I was on the stage with them. So rare in fact that when it happens I am genuinely taken by surprise. Well it happened today. Big time.

It was the Annual Weasel Cultural Excursion to the Globe part one. I reckon most people in our street know when I’m off because of the reminder sign I place delicately on our front door.


Duly armed with our essential meat supplies, I headed off for London.

I can’t remember when we started going to the Globe but, over the years we’ve seen amazing theatre (ignoring the appalling Macbeth) but they were all surpassed by today’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Complete theatre. Amazingly entertaining. Superb. To say I loved it is a complete understatement.

And I wasn’t alone. The entire theatre was totally entertained from start to finish. And laugh? We were all hoarse afterwards.

This Dream is the first production of Emma Rice’s (the new artistic director) Wonder Season. Okay, a lot purists don’t like it but, seriously, this was Theatre.

Anyone who has been a past victim of my direction will know the style – think of something outrageous, add it as you go then justify it. Brilliant chaos.


Obviously my photos are only of the curtain call dance, as usual but I think they show the energy that was present from the beginning.


While the entire cast was brilliant, I have to highlight the wonderful work of Katy Owen (in the centre of the photo above) who was completely and beautifully Puck. A faultless fairy performance.

Another highlight was the fact that Tom came this time! It’s always a long time between drinks. Far too long.


I really feel sorry for anyone who won’t get to see this production.

Afterwards, as usual, we made our way to the George in Fleet Street where we talked nonsense for a few hours before it was time to head home.

A wonderful day out.

Now…I wonder what they will do with The Shrew?

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Very entertaining, it makes a change for you to be in the photo of you all, you are the one that takes it.
    Love mum xxxxxx

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