Finished floor

The guys turned up this morning and finished up the lounge room floor. It was all about the skirting board and filling little holes so they were finished by lunchtime.

I’m really happy with the result…though I did have to sand down the threshold a bit.


The next stage of the Library Formation will be Claude with the shelving and cupboards. Hopefully that will be soon.

After the guys had gone, I took the girls to the park for their usual run. Not long after starting our walk I accidentally threw Emma’s ball into an acre of nettles and brambles.

We searched for a bit but gave up rather than incur vegetational wrath. I was going to keep going without a ball but Emma looked so forlorn that I decided to go home, get a new ball and start again.


Happy Emma searching for the new ball

The day wasn’t as sunny as it has been but there wasn’t any likelihood of rain. This meant there were a lot of other people out with their dogs as well.

Freya seems to be back to her social best. I think she was upset about us going to France and has taken a while to forgive us. The result of this is her sticking to my side and not running up and saying hello to every one. But, as I say, she seemed to have forgiven me.

Today she made a new friend. The dog was too far away to tell what model it was but it was about her size. The pair of them had a jolly play, making the other dog’s owner laugh with delight.


Freya pulling a face at being picked up

Today in the garden, I tackled the Former Residence of Xun Ma which had become a grassland meadow. By the end of the day I could actually see the plants.

Today in the extension, I started putting stuff back into the lounge, giving me back some of the lovely space. I’ve really grown quite adverse to clutter.

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2 Responses to Finished floor

  1. Mum Cook says:

    The floor looks good wont Claude want a bit of room to put his shelving ect I suppose as long as it isn’t near where he will be working, yes I get you are used to all that room. What a good daddy you are going back to get Emma another ball.
    Love mum xxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    You spoil emma!


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