Library floor

Today, the Floorcraft guys set to work. They started with a sort of empty room – the boxes in the photo below, are full of the new floor.


Almost empty

Then, after much clawing and squealing, the boards were removed so that just before lunch there was nothing to walk on.



Finally, by the end of the day, the insulation was down and they’d started taping it up.


Will keep it warm

While they were busy in the house, Mirinda was making her way to Milton Keynes to be interviewed by Sarah as part of the students’ residential and I worked in the garden.

The other day when I planted the snapdragons I didn’t realise there was more than one plant in each pot. I spent a little while separating them out and replanting them today. I then weeded the Candy Bed which should give the geraniums a bit more room to grow. And, of course, I mowed the grass.

The grass has become a bit patchy. I don’t know why. When Chris laid the turf it all seemed fine but, gradually, bald spots have appeared here and there. So, last weekend I bought some grass seed and then today, after mowing, I poked the grass all over with a fork then sprinkled the seed over it. Hopefully this should make things better. It’s supposed to be super fast and bird resistant.

Then, a lovely surprise, Mirinda came home. The original plan was for her to go from Milton Keynes back to the flat because she has an early meeting tomorrow. However, after working out she’d only be getting up about 20 minutes earlier by coming home, she took the preferred option.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I don’t blame her home is always the better with your other half. I am glad you told me about the floor tonight I now know what is happening.
    Love mum xxxx


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