The first cricket weekend day 1

Work was a last minute Fantasy Football rush! As well as getting my ballooning photos on the site.

The only REAL work I did was have a meeting with Nicole about the QA Internet Process which almost escalated into a bun fight about how bad everyone is. Naturally Nicole felt it apt to defend everyone (but us). Seems odd since she’s th co-ordinator of it all. She should hear problems and fix them, not jump to everyone’s defence when anything is said.

I left at 12 to meet Nicktor at Woking station for the long drive north.

We had a pretty good run and, after one stop, we arrived at Neverthong at around 4pm. Alistair (coming from Belgium) and Heidi (picking him up from Manchester airport) wouldn’t be home until around 6:30 so we sat in the Clothier’s Arms, watched the cricket and drank lots of Thwaites Original. Lovely drop.

After the cricket we played a few frames of pool which hustler Nick won 3-1. He reckoned he hadn’t played for two years. Just shows what beer does for my game though!

Eventually Alistair and Heidi arrived and we had another drink before heading back down the hill to their house.

Neverthong (‘thong’ means thin strip of land) was once a factory of clothiers – the village grew up around the factory. The houses are grey stone and deliciously grim, set against a beautiful backdrop of dramatic views.

Alistair and Heidi live in a cluster of converted barns – similar to the place we stayed in at Frant – which look very expensive. It sits between the village and Holmfirth, down in the valley. Alistair and Heidi are lovely people and their house is gorgeous…though a bit dark. Natural light is at a bit of a premium and used to great effect in the stairwell/hallway but nowhere else on the ground floor.

Alistair has a fantastically eclectic music collection and we had an excellent mix of songs before ordering Indian and settling down to light curries and beer…though Nick had a cup of tea.

Afterwards we retired to the TV room where I made them watch Big Brother. I kept up a running commentary about the last 12 weeks prompting Nicktor to say “You sound like such a girl!” This just proves my point (often stated at work) that the vast majority of voters/viewers are young females and house wives.

Bed at about midnight.

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