The blank canvas

Watching Kirstie and Phil this morning in Relocation, Relocation, they kept talking about pre-renovation hovels being a blank canvas for prospective home decorators. I took them to task, thinking that a ‘blank canvas’ was starting from nothing whereas a hovel always has something to start with.

Which leads me quite nicely into the fact that my camera died this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s just the lithium battery which I was unaware it used, because this can be replaced (though I didn’t have a lot of luck at Glenorie), otherwise I’ll have to buy another camera. The only reason I mention this is because I’ve grown quite used to including images in my blog posts but, sadly, will have stop for a bit.

Apart from the camera dying, we took a lovely long drive today before visiting Claire in the hospital. Our drive took us all around Pitt Town (named after William Pitt, the Younger, the Prime Minister), Ebenezer and Maroota. We had a ride across the car ferry at Sackville and enjoyed lots of Australian bush.

We popped into the pub in Pitt Town and Mirinda had a cider. She was shocked that they served cider. In fact, according to one of the pub’s regulars, the pub sold more cider than beer! They had many sorts, including a nice Tasmanian cider called Mercury. Mirinda said it was very nice. Obviously I had a beer.

Mirinda, the only woman in the pub at Pitt Town

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2 Responses to The blank canvas

  1. Aunty Jan says:

    Hi Gary, glad you were able to post one photo and a lovely photo too! Its so easy to forget how Aussie – is still not into Gals at the bar? (smile) good on you Miranda – I can remember traveling to places like Lightning Ridge back in the 60’s (gees, I sound old – guess 61 is over half a century – dah! ) and feeling totaly condemned when walking into the pub with Graham instead of
    waiting outside like any good decent Aussie Sheila – waiting for my man to return! Oh by the by – I figured you would have an iphone – I love this thing and you would have your camera and writing computer with you all the time ready to upload to your blog! I love it Gary – its the best thing to me; since slice bread! I enjoy reading your travels … Love to you both. Janet Xxx

  2. admin says:

    I really dislike the way Apple dictates what it’s users can and can’t do and, therefore, I’m never likely to have an iPhone! However, Mirinda has one and loves hers too. I do have a camera on my phone but I prefer something big enough to hold and which is dedicated to just photography.

    As for using an iPhone as a computer! Well, my little Samsung netbook serves me well and I love it dearly!!!

    I guess we’re all different.

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