The Internet returns

“Is that the suave Gary?” Asked Ann as I walked out of the Talking Newspaper studio.
“Suave? I was going for disheveled,” I answered.
“Well, you’ve certainly pegged that!” Replied Rosemary with a delightful sparkle in her eye.

The reason she called me suave was because of my Ecuadorian hat…which looks about as suave as a turnip.

Is that a turnip I see before me?

Is that a turnip I see before me?


The only reason I mentioned this little exchange is to point out how the people at Talking Newspaper relate to me. They are so relaxed they feel quite happy taking the piss. I really, really like that level of acceptance.

Today I was presenting the Haslemere edition and had a good team so it all ran very smoothly. We had a new engineer today with Pete trying to stay awake in the corner. He sits there in case anything goes wrong with the new engineers. Nothing did, so he just struggled to stay awake.


On the way home I spotted a lovely tree in the park and hereby include it as one of my favourite trees… though it’s probably the light more than anything.


… then, at home, the Internet had returned! Weird! I’d turned everything off last night and left it till I returned from the recording. Having turned it all back on it suddenly connected and worked! Weird!

So, tomorrow, I shall have to cancel the engineer… if it’s still working tomorrow.

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2 Responses to The Internet returns

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Hope it is still working be the time I get back. Yes I agree if they can take the micky out of you they are your friends but I like that picture very suave and handsome like his father.
    Yes I agree lovely tree
    Love mum xxxx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Forgot to say I guess that bit about the Queen being 90 was for me, Denise bought The Women’s Day after she read it gave it to me as there was a pull out book inside all about the Queen and knew I would want to keep it lovely cant get enough.
    love mum xx


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