The end of the Limited Edition

What an odd day. Unexpectedly the Internet went off today. Okay not the whole Internet just my little bit of it. Things started going a bit odd in the afternoon when I was trying to update the blog software. It was running very slow and kept timing out. Fortunately I’d already sorted Linda out for next week.

Eventually it all died and I was forced to ring BT after trying their online fix first… as I should. The lady in India took me through all manner of tests and asked all manner of questions but, eventually, she just booked me an engineer. The trouble is, he won’t be coming until May 9. Good job we don’t depend on the Internet for just about everything entertaining in our life… bugger!

Apart from the annoying hour on the phone to India, I was busy removing individual blades of grass from the Wildflower Patch. And it was as painstaking as it sounds but will be worth it in the long run. (I note that it was a year ago today that Chris first laid the Wildflower Patch.) I also did some weeding in the Hot Border. In fact, apart from the annoying hour on the phone to India, the day was basically spent in the garden.

Of course we went up to the park.


I can report that the cows are back in the Queen’s Bottom. They always add a little something to the landscape…I don’t mean manure though there’s plenty of that as well. We avoided it because I don’t want Freya getting her nose interested in the wet sloppy ones that Day-z was quite partial to.

Avenue of Trees

Avenue of Trees

So we had a lovely ball throwing stroll up to the castle (the long way round) and back so I could spend an hour on the phone to India.

There was one other thing today…the extraordinarily delicious maple syrup Muller Rice has ceased it’s limited run at Waitrose Farnham. There is much sadness in our house as a result.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh dear will you be back to skype, good thing we are not there to skype each other for a couple of weeks. That seems a long time to have to wait for repairs.
    Why don,t you try another shop in Farnham for your special Muller Rice I am crying while I am typing this.
    Love Mum xxxxx


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