Mysterious iron tree fence

On the news today there was a lovely little story about a dog called Pero (I kept thinking the announcer was saying Peril, which would have been delightfully ironic). He is a four year old sheep dog from the Welsh village of Penrhyncoch who was sent off to work in Cockermouth, 240 miles away. He was out working one day, herding sheep, when he decided he’d had enough. His owner said he just took off, without a backwards glance.

Meanwhile in Penrhyncoch, 12 days later, the original owner walked out the front door to find Pero sitting there, happy and bouncy. He was fit and healthy, well fed and deliriously happy. The family were so amazed at his loyalty and desire to live in Wales that they have decided to keep him. Amazing.

What else is amazing is that I’ve been walking the dogs in Farnham Park for many years and yet I still find new things. For instance, today I was walking through Badger’s Wood and I spotted this iron fence.


It’s ridiculous that I’ve never seen it before… but there you go.

We managed to stay dry in the park although we had lots of little showers today. While mostly blue, occasional black clouds would swoop over and drop fine slush. I say ‘slush’ because it’s basically very late snow. There’s been a bit of snow across Britain today. I guess it’s something to do with the Arctic winds blowing very cold air at us. Of course, the minute the cloud goes the snow is nothing more than a memory.

One of today’s showers that wasn’t so little, chased us back home. Here it is coming over the top of the hill near Squirrel Tree:


Fortunately we were back in the house when it struck. We watched little bits of snow fall. Two minutes later, the sun was back and ten minutes later the terrace was dry. So there’s only my brief sighting of white to verify that we did have snowfall in Farnham today.

And, speaking of Squirrel Tree…it was looking quite verdant today with the onslaught of new growth around it.


As you can see, the sun was a welcome visitor when I took that photo.

That aside, I spent most of the day in the garden. I had new plants to plant and old weeds to de-plant. I put a few dianthus (not delphiniums) in the raised beds to fill the holes left by the acid loving plants I moved out last week and planted various annuals in the Crazy Bed.

It was a pretty full day, what with Skyping mum as well, but very fulfilling.

BTW the shop from yesterday is on the corner of Upper Church Lane, directly opposite Loaf the baker. Across Downing Street and down a bit is the Paisley Cat.

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2 Responses to Mysterious iron tree fence

  1. Mirinda says:

    Also dianthus not delphiniums

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you I know where it is now, I believe you about the snow because the weather did all sorts of funny things when I was there,I feel I saw that iron fence once when you took the dogs out remember when that guy had his truck accros the path and we were moaning and a few other people, well I think it was up on the hill but may be I am wrong. well yes you had a very busy day.
    Love mum xxxxx


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