Life in the garden

I woke up feeling a lot better today. Mirinda did as well but given she was a lot sicker than I was meant she was still not very well.

Regardless, she had to go to work to meet with some chap because anyone she could hand the meeting over to was unavailable. Then, in the afternoon, she had a conference.

My day was a lot happier spent though it was slightly inconvenienced by the Heras fencing blocking off the South Street entrance to Gostrey Meadow.


The town council is sprucing up the war memorial for some function or other and they presently have the paving slabs up. The actual memorial was cleaned and polished for 2014 so this is an extra bit of prettification.

Anyway, it was only a little inconvenient and I headed into town to Starbucks and Waitrose before getting home to Skype with mum.

After lunch we went for our usual walk and Emma managed to cover her lower half in mud. She rather likes to lie down, full length, on her tummy in very muddy puddles. This gives her the appearance of caramel dipped in chocolate. It also earns her a bath, something she hates. Stupid dog.

It was then into the garden (the weather was glorious). I planted two clematis and a honeysuckle. They are to climb up two of the arches. Clematis are particularly fiddly. They need extra depth, extra width, pavers for cooling and a piece of downpipe leading directly to the roots. This makes it quite labour intensive. Still, by the end of the next two seasons, the arches will look an absolute delight.

Well, that’s what I’m going for.

Because Mirinda was at the flat tonight, the puppies slept with me but, prior to my going to bed, this is how I found them.


They quickly evacuated the laundry when I suggested they follow me upstairs.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    They are so cheeky HAHA I forgot to say about the window it looks wonderful and once it is in its place will be better still cant wait to see it. Wow really going to town must be someone inportent .
    love mum xx


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