We’re off!

It rained all night. It’s odd the effect rain has on people in this part of the world. My mother, for instance, has become obsessed with curtains. Clearly an affect brought on by the rain.

Dwelling on the curtains, mum decided not to come for a walk. Very wise. Fortunately, being an Englishman, I had my umbrella. It managed to keep my head dry. The boardwalk looked a bit sad in the early morning drizzle.

Drizzle on the decking

We did the usual quick tour of all the shops in Caloundra and, while we did, I realised where I learned the habit of chatting to shop assistants. I have to remember to visit the Blue Anchor pub in Reigate in February in order to meet Kristy there. I’m just wondering whether Nicktor is interested. I know how much he loves going to pubs.

I was appalled to read that the famous Caloundra fig trees were threatening the main street. Honestly, you could have knocked me down with a feather. But this is what they’re doing:

The dangerous, irresponsible fig trees of Bulcock Street

Back at the flat, we had a call from Uncles Les & Ronnie (Uncle Ronnie told me about some of his mispent youth; how he did the Caravan Scam in the Home Counties.), before Audrey took us to the hospital. Via Kawana Island, which I now know where the hell it is.

Due to Audrey’s excellent navigation, we almost dropped me off at Brisbane airport a day early. We arrived at dad’s bedside a little later than usual but he’d been dozing, so it was ok.

He seemed much stronger today, although his breathing wasn’t the best. He had another excellent night’s sleep and ate all his food. Dad couldn’t wait to fill us in on the ward gossip. The irritating guy (John) in the other bed was in trouble from the nurses earlier in the day for leaving the ward and going for a jog down the street. Excellent, I say. They should kick him out.

After a few hours, dad’s head started nodding, swiftly followed by mum’s. I figured I’d go for a walk and leave them to it.

I once more walked down towards Nambour town centre, stopping at the river at the bottom of the hill. I followed the track around and between the trees. The river, which the other day was a dried up creek bed, was a raging torrent of silty water, gushing and rushing. It was completely transformed.

Flooded river at Nambour

Back at the hospital, we were discussing dad’s plan for his up-coming world tour, when Denise arrived, telling us all about a rather unpleasant person she works under. Tracey then arrived, exhausted from her Lunch with Geoff.

Tracey didn’t take long to proclaim we were leaving. The nurse walked into the ward and announced she was removing dad’s catheter. That was all it took. We left.

I made minty rolly chicken for mum tonight, except we couldn’t find mint. It became, tarragony rolly chicken instead.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    amazing tree by the river!
    No-one in mum’s ward could possibly take off and jog down the street tho mum regularly asks for her suitcase.


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