Rock Bitch

Left early to catch the 7:25am with Mirinda…except we missed it so she caught the 7:35 and I waited till 7:46am because the 7:35 doesn’t stop at Woking.

It was very chilly today. It was also a long day (well, an extra half hour anyway) doing Creatives and working on our site – updating the Oxford content. There was a lot of unnecessary Rugby Ribbing from those around me. I also paid Stevie the £10 he won from our bet.

Felt somewhat queasy all day. Not sure why. Finished the Plague book but sure that’s not why.

An extraordinary stat on page 246:

…it had been calculated that a single pair of rats could – given three litters a year with ten young in each, abundant food, shelter and zero mortality – increase in five years to something over 940,000,000,000.

It pissed down all the way home. Consequently, puppies holding enough water to irrigate the Sahara.

Mirinda was SUPPOSED to come home – her experiment – but was still working passed 8:30pm so decided, given the rain, the flat was a better option.

I was going to make minty rolly chicken but decided it could wait till Friday. I told her to ring when she got home to the flat and I settled down to watch Die Hard 2 on Sky Movies.

She rang at midnight. She’d gone to the pub after work with work pals.

Before bed I watched an ‘On the Road’ doco on UK Horizons about Rock Bitch. I was amazed at how graphic it was. Not Rock Bitch themselves – I’ve known about them for years, since the picture magazine on Oz, I think. But the documentary itself was extraordinary. Since most of their act is performed naked, it’s hard to soften it but they even included the lesbian love-in stuff.

Went to bed very late.

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