The blessed movement

I feel certain my sister-in-law would verify that hospital staff are obsessed with bowel movements. It is definitely true of Nambour Hospital at any rate. If the general cheers, whoops and joyful celebration is anything to go by when one occurs, it’s clearly a red letter day.

Suffice to say that today, after spending a shortish time (without a novel) in the loo, dad emerged with his thumb held high, indicating success. After ten days, this was momentous. The nurses started singing ‘Congratulations’ and mum swung me around the ward.

Actually, even before this great occasion, dad was looking very much improved. Mum and I walked in and he was sitting in his chair (rather than lying on his bed), his hair freshly washed and combed, looking quite the lord of the manor.

We cheered him even further with the news that we had viewed a flat today that was perfect. The application forms need to be lodged with the agency tomorrow morning and, fingers crossed, the landlord will appreciate the fact that mum & dad are the best tenants in the world (I’d have them) and accept it.

So dad was happier, mum was happier, I am happier. That’s a whole load of happier!

After lunch I went for my rapidly becoming traditional after lunch walk, deciding today to go up the hill. I almost walked to the dam but the hill looked way too steep. I took a photo across the valley then walked back.

Up the hill from Nambour Hospital

Mum liked the Brazilian Fish. I thought the barramundi worked well.

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  1. Aunty Jan says:

    FANTASTIC NEWS! LOVELY PHOTO TOO! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO – TO YOU AND ALL THE FAMILY! KEEP UP THIS GREAT RHYTHM TO VICTORY! GOOD ON YOU GARY Btw this didn’t appear on FB as it normally does just the heading. Have fun! More good news today – ! Xxx

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