No more kennel

After going to the station with Mirinda then shopping, then Skyping with mum, I started work on the final leg of the kennel.

I stopped once, to feed the dogs but otherwise just kept going until it was finished. And eventually it was.

Using a big pot moving wheel thing, I managed to get it into place. I took a photo and sent it to Mirinda who responded with:

Very pretty. Get a conifer on each side? That one in the corner under the tree move to right of kennel?

So I then struggled a couple of conifers into place and, yes, it did look better.


Now I just have to wait for the temperature to rise above 10 degrees so I can paint their names over the doors.

I feel a great sense of achievement.

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3 Responses to No more kennel

  1. hankyoyu says:

    I agree it does look better with the conifers either side wow they will feel like millionaires laying about on there own verander lucky doggies.
    love mum xx

  2. hankyoyu says:

    Forgot to say you did a great job as well, I need my outside table and chairs done also the table Bob made me but suppose I will have to do it oh well. xxxx

  3. Mollie Crocker says:

    Hi Gary,
    Now I know were mum will be sleeping nest time she is over with you in the dog house (ha ha ) Love Aunty Mollie xxx

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