Starting construction

Freya had a bit of a fright today. Perhaps it will teach her to be a little less trusting of other dogs. Though I doubt it.

There’s this guy who has four big working dogs. While I haven’t seen him before I have seen his little red van parked on the street so I guess he’s no stranger to the park. He was there today getting them to stop and stay and run and herd sheep.

We were walking before lunch because I had to wait in for the DHL pick up I organised yesterday so maybe that’s why I’ve never seen this guy. I hope so because I’d rather not run into him again.

Noticing his rather large pack, I skirted the Dell and headed into the park further along the path. I flicked the tennis ball for Emma. Freya immediately spotted the working dogs and ran over to show them some deference.

The one she chose is clearly unaware of the Dog Rules and went for her. She started screaming (it reminded me of Day-z and the cattle grid).

The dog’s owner immediately grabbed his dog and Freya ran straight to me, quivering and screaming. I picked her up and her screams gradually subsided.

The guy came over and asked if she was okay. I told him she was just frightened. I also told him his dog needed a muzzle. He grunted and walked off, his dogs following behind.

It didn’t take long for Freya to calm down and want to be put down again. The rest of our walk was uneventful.

Back at home Emma and Freya showed me how dogs should behave.


They are so cute. Freya just makes me laugh so much. I’m not sure how Emma feels about it.


The kennel work was anything but uneventful. Before painting the sides green it occurred to me it would be easier if they were attached first so, as soon as the uprights and floor sections were dry from their second coats of paint, I started building.

I couldn’t completely build it because I’d never be able to carry it outside so this is it until next week.


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2 Responses to Starting construction

  1. Mirinda says:

    Poor freya

  2. hankyoyu says:

    I bet she was terrified poor baby, at least at that age they forget so lets hope it doesn’t happen again. Wow!!! hope you can get it out side looks as big as my flat, Lol
    love mum xx

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