I believe in fairies. And pixies. Actually, I think I prefer pixies. They seem to be a little more mischievous than fairies. Cleary the fairy is the ‘little Miss Perfect’ of the fey world. I once built a pixie ladder in our garden so they could climb my cairn.

I also believe that if someone works hard, learns all that can be taught, listens hard whenever possible and applies themself dutifully and with great strength and fortitude, they will actually manage to make a difference. Like nurses and doctors. They really can make a difference. And I won’t hear a word against them.

I’ve worked with them, know some and have cause to associate with some in a professional capacity and they always strike me as people who can make a difference. You can give them your life and they can nuture it and make it better. My sister-in-law, for instance, is a brilliant nurse.

Don’t get me wrong, I know, sometimes, they get it wrong or sometimes they’re not very good, but these instances are rare. On the whole they are wonderful and should be applauded. They should also be paid more but I realise that people think nurses (especially) do it because they love it and not because they should be paid well for a job that very few other people could (or would) do.

Which brings me to something very important. Prayer. Or chanting. Or meditation on bits of rock. There are many people who believe that whispering a bunch of sounds into the air will effect a wonderful cure and send the sick to the realm of the healthy.

Were I a nurse or a doctor, I would feel a bit miffed that my part in the healing process was so insignificant that a random noise made towards a cloud could be so much better at curative medicine than me and my years of learnin’.

Anyway, because of all the many whispered voices, my dad was a bit better today. Thank you. I have dismissed the medical staff as they’re clearly unnecessary. I’m going to call in the pixies instead.

Here’s a photo of the lovely orchid that Janet and her family sent dad. The flowers are a constant reminder of life and the beauty of nature which needs no superstitious nonsense.

Orchid from America

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Studies have shown that patients who are being prayed for and know it are LESS likely to get better than those not being prayed for.
    The theory is that they think they don’t have to try because the pixies will take care of it.

    And they are wrong.

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