Not a trim then

What a glorious day it was today. Sparkling sunshine glinting off the acres of mud in the park, smiling faces on almost every chilly face. The perfect day for such an important event in Freya’s life.

This morning I took the two girls up to Kate to be sawn…I mean shorn. She said sawn. When I suggested that Freya only needed a trim, she laughed in her sarcastic way and said that was not going to happen.

She showed me the knots close to her skin, described her as having cotton wool for fur, suggesting how impossible it would be to brush, comb and trim. I left them in her more than capable hands.

The walk back was just as beautiful punctuated by a phone call from the crematorium saying Day-z was ready to come home. I’m glad it was when the other two were away.


And so Carmen and Day-z are together again, albeit in urns and in the cupboard.

Possibly most importantly today, I finished priming the kennel and started on the first coat of Fresh Rosemary.

Between painting sections I organized a return pickup with DHL and chatted with Dave next door. This meant chasing down Rodney who always sees our open front door as an invitation. He was quite disappointed to find the girls weren’t home but he got over it by eating their dry food.

Shortly after lunch, I went back up to Kate’s to pick up the new puppies. She told me off, saying I really needed to have them trimmed every 10-12 weeks as opposed to half yearly. I booked their next appointment there and then.

The walk home was slightly precarious with me trying to keep them on the path to avoid the oceans of mud. I managed…just.


Back at home the girls went mad, as they do after a haircut.

This being Freya’s first, ever haircut, she was understandably a bit confused but she soon got over it.


Emma, on the other hand, was all rather ho hum about all the fuss being such an old hand at having her knots removed.


Following a lot of crazy running around and general mayhem, it wasn’t long before they both collapsed into two separate heaps.


I know Mirinda doesn’t like their hair being so short but they feel so soft!

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3 Responses to Not a trim then

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Oh my it is as if they are just grown up into teens they don’t look like the same two dogs but I said poor Freya had knots every where. give them a hug from me tell them Gma still loves them.
    love mum xxxxxxx

  2. hankyoyu says:

    Forgot to say that was a lovely card from the vets.

  3. Mirinda says:

    Noooooo I said a trim!!!


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