Hum drum

Back to painting today and the priming is almost complete. It occurred to us tonight that with only two, the kennel is going to be very roomy. Emma and Freya could have their own rooms and not the bunk beds we’d planned.


I’ll be glad to get rid of the blue tarp. It really clashes with the extension and blocks the view of the garden.

Speaking of which…the day was lovely enough to go outside and pick up dog poo. For joy. And for us.

We did have a lovely run around the park, managing to avoid puddles and slush to a great extent. This meant neither of them needed washing for a change.


While in the park we meet a Freya sized dog who was very willing to play with her. They both did the thunking the front paws on the ground thing then they ran around each other.

Then we meet a dog that completely ignored Freya. This dog was walking towards her so Freya did her usual subservient thing of making herself as small and unthreatening as possible. The other dog, however, was more interested in Emma and just trotted by Freya as if she didn’t exist. An odd experience for her.

Then we met an Ewok. Seriously, it was a six month old puppy that looked exactly like an Ewok. In fact when I mentioned it to the couple walking her, the woman laughed and said I’m not the first to think that.

When they asked what ours were I said Emma was a cocker-poo teddy bear cross and Freya was part carpet. They thought this was very funny though I swore it was true


And that was pretty much my day.

Mirinda, on the other hand, had a lot more excitement. She was at a very high powered dinner discussing expensive cars and Trust.

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2 Responses to Hum drum

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Whoo cant wait to hear all about Mirinda’s meeting.
    I told you the dogs would have a big house and now there are only two the amount of room will be enough for you to sleep in there when Mirinda slings you out, Lol
    Love mum xxxxxxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    9 million pound vintage cars – who’d have thought such a think even existed

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