Sunday at Hankley

While not the brightest of days, it didn’t rain so a trip to Hankley was a definite must. The fact that we’d already walked at Farnham Heath (Friday) and Frensham (Saturday) this weekend made it a no brainer, really.

Bleak but still beautiful

Bleak but still beautiful

Unexpectedly, there were a number of horse floats lining the track to the back car park. It was like driving up Park Road there were so many. And no sign of horses or riders. Well, not until we returned to Max at the end of our walk.

It was like halfway through an old style Western when the unsuccessful posse returns to town at the end of the chase. Lots of lightly snorting horses and quiet, tired riders. You didn’t have to ask if they’d caught the baddie…it was obvious.

We had decided to walk around the back way rather than our normal route for a change. It was amazing how many groups of people we saw and passed and generally attacked. Actually, Freya did most of the attacking.

It was a lovely walk and prepared us for this week’s roast, which was chicken.


The rest of the day was basically spent finishing Mirinda’s essay on Retention. Oh, what fun.

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