Tonight we went to the newest Bel & the Dragon, the one at Odiham. We initially booked it to celebrate the anniversary of our arrival in the UK. Given what happened this week, we also celebrated Day-z’s life.

I love the B&D Smarties

I love the B&D Smarties

Earlier in the day we took the girls to Frensham for a lovely long walk. Normally we’d go after lunch but Mirinda’s little friend said it would rain in the afternoon so we took advantage of the relatively dry weather.

There was a lot of other iPhone owners doing the same thing. Still, it was lovely and the cormorant had returned, having been away for a while.

Back at home and after lunch, I started going through Mirinda’s latest essay with a little help from a fur stole.


Then, eventually, we headed up the road.

The restaurant was excellent, as you’d expect, and the service perfect. In fact, the maitre’d was from Ballarat and has lived in the UK for 16 years, having arrived with nothing but a back pack and an inclination for adventure and change.

Our meals were delicious. My main course especially. Slow cooked salmon with fennel shavings and pistachio pesto. A delight for the tastebuds.


We talked about how unexpected life can be and how adventure is important because you never know how long it’s going to last. We toasted Day-z and the joy she brought us.

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