Poor Day-z

This morning I was unexpectedly woken up by Freya barking. It was 5am.

Opening the laundry door, I was immediately attacked by Emma and Freya but there was no sign of Day-z. I opened the back door and could hear her softly whimpering.

I can’t be sure but I assume she went outside to the toilet then couldn’t get back in, unable to jump the 150mm to the doggie door. Freya was either telling her to shut up or letting us know about her distress.

I went and collected Day-z and brought her inside. She didn’t look good. She was very shaky and was quite confused. I laid her on the lounge and sat with her till it was time to make tea for Mirinda.

It was about this time that the vomiting started. It started outside but soon moved inside and, eventually, on the bed upstairs.

In fact, I spent quite a lot of time washing various things she’d thrown up on.

After walking Mirinda to the station and shopping, I headed back home.

The crane has finally gone from the ex-police station

The crane has finally gone from the ex-police station

I rang the vet and booked Day-z in for the afternoon. In the meanwhilst, I put a coat of exterior undercoat on some of the kennel panels. It was very smelly.


After lunch I carried Day-z to the vet, leaving the other two at home, a bit confused. Unfortunately we had the Whispering Vet – competent enough but very hard to hear.

I gave him all the symptoms and he gave her a thorough examination including a thermometer up the bum. It was this that gave him his diagnosis.

She was suffering with some sort of dog gastro with bleeding. There was a lot of evidence of this on the end of the thermometer. She was dehydrated and her gums were the wrong colour. She had to be admitted immediately for at least three days.

I gave her a kiss and a cuddle and left her with him.

Back at home, I immediately took the other two up to the park for a jolly good run around. This was to take their minds off Day-z. It was also good for me.


Late in the day, as I was finishing up the painting, the vet called (he’s just as quiet on the phone) to tell me that Day-z’s problem is more than likely, very serious. In fact, it’s fatal.

She probably has chronic renal failure, something that only happens to 9 in 1,000 dogs. There is no cure and, if she does have it, it will kill her. Her life can be prolonged for a bit but it’s the sort of thing that won’t let go once it has a hold. From what I’ve read, prolonging her life means feeding her tasteless food and watching her constantly. I’m not sure this is much of a life.

The vet told me that they have to continue the drip in order to flush her system clean, rehydrate her and generally make her more comfortable. Then they will retest her to make sure that’s what’s wrong with her. The retest will be on Thursday. Until then, all we can do is hope she’s comfortable. And keep the other two occupied.

Day-z, October 2015

Day-z, October 2015

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3 Responses to Poor Day-z

  1. Mirinda says:

    That was only last October – she looks a lot worse now. Poor thing :(….

  2. hankyoyu says:

    Poor Day Z, Glad I saw her well before I came home.
    Love mum xx

  3. hankyoyu says:

    Forgot to say about the Kennel glad you have started, and the building at the police station is where I am getting my unit is that right or am I in the wrong place wont be to long now before they have finished.. love mum xx


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