Wet, dull and Nicktor

Last night, as we were coming home from London and our Japan Class, I received a text from Nicktor asking if I was free to go to the football today. Surprising him, I immediately replied saying ‘yes.’ So, today at 1pm, he picked me up and we headed over to Aldershot.

The day was grey and not too promising (weather-wise and football-wise as we were playing Tranmere Rovers who are much higher up the ladder than us) but lunch in the Victoria soon helped that.

We headed up to the Slab before kick off to join Charley and that other guy whose name I don’t know but who’s always there and always says hello. Actually, the Slab was pretty empty today which is surprising on a Saturday. Mind you, there was an attendance of 1800+ so maybe it was the threat of rain that forced some of the less hardy supporters under cover.

As it turned out, the decision to stand under shelter was a pretty good one. We stood and shivered and were rained on for almost the entire match. While this is hardly worth noticing during an exciting game of football, it’s very noticeable when the game is dull and uninspired. All I can say is that this game was worse than that. The fact that we were rained on just made the day that bit more interesting.

It’s really good that I took Tom to the game that I did…as it turns out. At least Aldershot won that one and although the first half was a bit unstructured, things did at least improve as the game progressed. Today was like very thick, cold porridge punctuated with dollops of maple syrup. Sadly the maple syrup was too little, too late. The game ended 0-0 which is probably a fair reflection of the dullness of the game.

So, another exciting display of boring football by the Rarely Mighty Shots.


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  1. hankyoyu says:

    I wrote a comment and it has disappered well what a let down for the Mighty shots, did Nicktor ask about me tell him when I come back expect a dance again.lol
    love mum xx

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