Puppy tangle

Today, weather permitting, we decided would be an excellent opportunity to visit the Rural Life Museum in Tilford. And, I’m glad to say, the weather did indeed permit it.

We’d also decided, it being mum’s last Sunday with us, to spare her my cooking for a change and have a proper English Sunday pub lunch at the Holly Bush.

Both of these activities were puppy friendly so the girls didn’t have to stay home alone.

Speaking of the girls, today marked Freya’s first day with a real collar. Yes, we’ve finally ditched the harness and replaced it with a proper, grown up purple collar. She was a bit confused but I think quite pleased to be the same as the other two. And I’m not sure if this was the reason why we had so many Puppy Tangle Moments…or as I like to call them PTMs.


We had a rather exclusive wander around the museum given we were almost the only paying visitors. There were a few museum volunteers working on the railway and the cafe was open but that was about it.

Mum rather enjoyed (if that’s the right word) seeing the prefab which reminded her of days gone by and aunty Mol and uncle Arthur who lived in one. (I can never think about aunty Mol and uncle Arthur without remembering those insane nights at Rooty Hill with the wine and cards, playing Kalooki. They were some crazy nights.)

We popped into the Polish refuge hut, which we’d never seen before, checked out the chapel and the cricket pavilion and generally saw most of the place. Sadly the train wasn’t running so mum missed out on that particular highlight.


We then visited the shop. Of course. Sadly, there was no bag but there was a jar of marmalade which was handy given mum had finished hers and was wondering what she’d have to resort to having on her toast for the next five days.

We then set off for the Holly Bush, via the Frensham Garden Centre for critical Borders Biscuit supplies. And I found a new flavour! Danish salted caramel! Magic.

Speaking of Danish…we’ve been watching The Bridge on Netflix. We’re up to series two and are trying to finish before mum leaves. While nothing like salted caramel, it’s still very tasty…particularly Saga.

Anyway, we settled ourselves down in the Holly Bush for a delicious Sunday roast and drinks. They always do good food and tend to have children who adore puppies so our three are always welcome. In fact, there was a baby there today who lit up with a massive grin every time he saw Freya.


And the rain held off all day!

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