First game

Today was the first time that Tom went to a football game. It was his Christmas present – a football experience with Gary – and he’s really been looking forward to it.

Of course, it was to be an Aldershot game so I’d warned him to have no expectations.

Before we left for the game, we had lunch – Almost a Lamb Pie followed by Better-late-than-never Christmas Cake. Both were delicious and fortified us against the cold wind to come.


Finally we left the house for the bus into Aldershot while Mirinda and Sophie took mum on a walking tour of Winchester.

The stroll down from the Wellington Centre to the Rec was as grim as usual but the delightfully positive Tom saw only bright spots, wondering why I thought it was so rough. Such a lovely boy.

The first stop was the club shop in order to buy him a scarf – mum insisted – then, Tom having requested seats, we headed for the south stand, programme clutched in his hand.

The first half was pretty abysmal with the Shots paying as badly as Kidderminster who are at the bottom of the league. There seemed to be no plan or strategy to the Aldershot team. A few times it looked like the Kidderminster team was going to score but largely owing to our goalie, it remained 0-0 at half time.

Of course a full football experience wouldn’t be complete without a hotdog so we joined the queue for the burger van. It was a very long queue and we spent all of half time and a chunk of the second half waiting. Actually I did. I sent Tom onto the Slab so at least he’d see the game… and I could still see him. And would you believe it? It was while he was standing there waiting for me that Aldershot scored. I’d love to describe it in the glowing terms it no doubt deserves but the only bit I actually saw was the ball hitting the back of the net. At least Tom saw it.

The rest of the game was a lot better as both teams searched for more goals only to be disappointed either by inadequate shooting boots or good goal keeping. Actually the best chance in the game came late in the second half to the only Kidderminster player wearing gloves. He found himself in front of goal, the ball at his feet and kicked it well wide and into the Community Stand much to the delight of the Shots fans.

It was all too soon over and we left the ground in a state of elation, a rare thing for an Aldershot fan, and headed for the bus station for a short wait and the trip home.

The Aldershot Boys

The Aldershot Boys

Tom thoroughly enjoyed himself and can’t wait to go again! Apparently Sophie thoroughly enjoyed herself too.

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