A concert for mum

It seems, rightly or wrongly, that mum doesn’t like classical guitar.

A while ago we bought tickets to see two guitarists perform a selection of pieces for the Tilford Bach Society. Naturally we included mum.

Then Jackie was going to pick mum up and take her to stay the night at her place while we went to the concert without her. I thought this was an excellent idea.

It was very windy today and Jackie had an earache so, regrettably, she had to cancel mum’s visit. So, of course, mum decided to come to the guitar concert with us.

And it would be fair to say that mum hated it. It didn’t help that she couldn’t hear what was being said between pieces but, even so…

The other bit of the evening she wasn’t keen on was going for dinner after the concert. It was late. It was also raining. And windy.

Basically, mum was regretting ever leaving the house. Even having Freya jumping on her head would have been preferable.

And she’d had such a lovely day. Mirinda had been working from home and decided, after hearing about Jackie, to have the afternoon off and take mum on a somewhat circuitous route to visit Gilbert White’s house. Apart from getting lost and holding up all the traffic entering Selborne it would appear that they had a lovely day. Then we went to the concert.

Ignoring mum, we thought it was fantastic though Mirinda more than me, particularly the third piece which is atonal which means there’s nothing you can latch onto. Apparently music isn’t just for entertainment. That may be so but I rather like my music to entertain me. When I mentioned that to Mirinda she countered by saying a lot of people would have been left confused and definitely not entertained after seeing some of the pieces I directed back in the day. I have to admit she is right. There’ll be no more about atonal music from me!

The guitarists, by the way, were the wonderful Sean Shibe and Petra Polackova. Not only did they play beautifully on their own, they also made magic together. As a bit of a bonus, Sean was also very funny.

Not all having fun

Not all having fun

Afterwards, we wandered in the rain up to Pizza Express for a very late dinner which also vexed mum. But, finally, it was all over and we returned home to three very excited dogs who were quickly very sound asleep.

End of the day

End of the day

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