Singalong with pork

We had a few noisy people over for Sunday lunch today. The combination of food, wine and an overwhelming need to be louder than anyone else meant we all had a great time though possibly the same can’t be said for the neighbours.

It started sedate enough; all well mannered and genteel. Polite conversation over lunch. So polite, in fact, that there were no complaints about the consistency of the creme brulee.

The reason for this was the simple fact that my blowtorch ran out of gas halfway through. I was forced to put the final three under the grill…which reduced the creme to soup.

Speaking of soup…I invented an asparagus, leek and potato soup for entree. It was quite naughty given the amount of cream in it but was well received. Main course was pork with green butter except for the newly vegetarianised Dawn C who pretended to enjoy something made from Quorn…whatever that is.

Actually we had two Dawns, and after lunch they sat together on the sofa creating a Dawn Chorus (that wasn’t mine, I’ve stolen it from Mirinda).

As for the dogs…Freya spent quite a lot of time curled up with Chris who seems to have some sort of dog super power. Emma, the dog who doesn’t like anyone (almost) spent quite a lot of time with her head on his shoe.

Emma loves Chris

Emma loves Chris

It didn’t take long before all polite society was thrown out onto the terrace and we started the serious business of singing as loudly as possible. This is always good fun particular when aided by a few glasses of well chosen single malt.

It was a great night, lacking only in cheese and crackers.

Before the singing started

Before the singing started

Nicktor looks a bit pained in the above photo. Apparently he did something awful to his shoulder…or back…or…we never managed to talk about it. I think the alcohol managed to dull the pain…after a while.

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  1. Past Rambles says:

    My ears are still ringing. And I have to say my creme brûlée was perfect, as was the rest of the meal including the sausages. Thanks for a great afternoon/evening!


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