Ever since returning home from Barcelona, the weather has been very cold. This is not a complaint given this is the first real bit of winter we’ve had so far.

Sadly, the daffodils in the Candy Bed have all stopped unexpectedly. They were convinced it was spring already but have now had their stems burned by the frost and ice

Mum and I felt like these little daffs as we stood waiting for the bus that didn’t come. Planning to wait for five minutes then winding up shivering for 30 is not my idea of fun. Or mum’s.

Still, we eventually caught the next bus up to the station for the start of our day at Hampton Court Palace.

Because of the aforementioned bus issue, we managed to miss the earlier train. While this added half an hour it wasn’t too bad. The waiting room was nice and warm, for a start, allowing us a chance to thaw out and the train turned out to be a 444.

Normally, when traveling from Farnham to Hampton Court, one would change trains at Surbiton. Normally Surbiton station has lifts. The lifts are unavailable until April. So, to avoid the stairs between platforms, we remained on the train till Waterloo and changed on the flat.

Eventually we emerged at Hampton Court station then, after an urgent visit to the loo, headed across the Thames to the palace.

I thought I’d only been once (with the Frangletons in 2002) but, on reflection, we also went with Farelli for a day.

When was this?

When was this?

Not that the place has changed that much. Well, apart from the statues dotted everywhere in and around the Base Court.


And the day was glorious. Blue sky, bright sun, very cold, perfect palace perusing weather. We took full advantage of it.

We wandered the many halls, visited the cafe (particularly liked the maid of honour tart with its mashed potato fill), the chapel and the shop (of course) until late on in the afternoon.

We’d planned to have a late lunch and call it dinner but, unfortunately, the restaurant in the grounds had other ideas. It stops serving food at 2:30. We arrived at 3.

Never mind, I said, I spotted a Pizza Express opposite the station. We’ll go there.

Then mum spotted the Mute Swan directly opposite the palace…so we went there. And had a thoroughly delicious (with the exception of mum’s vegetables which she claimed weren’t cooked) dunch before heading back to the station for the three trains home.

Here's to Henry

Here’s to Henry

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